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Grit and thunder from new Lowriders album

The Lowriders album cover

From the very first bass note and percussive jangle of opening track ‘Here & Now’ to the final, powerful throes of closing song ‘Be No Love’, The Lowriders are a band who are in assured control of their indie-rock sound.

Seemingly angered by press comments about their home town of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, the band have produced a gritty, memorable debut album in which their sound is laid bare – not showy, not glossy, but substantial.

Like their press release says: “Not bad considering they’re from a town going nowhere with no aspiration!”

http://www.thelowridersmusic.com/Site/Home.html – follow the Lowriders online and get the album now.

The Lowriders – new EP ‘I Am Soldier’

Released to coincide with the film of the same name, ‘I Am Solder’ is a hard hitting, raw indie rock EP from Essex group The Lowriders.

The tracks, written specifically for the film soundtrack on the request of the director Ronnie Thompson, are crunchingly immediate – allowing for dynamic shifts from heavy indie to some lighter moments. It seems, in spite of the heavy effects on the production, like you can hear everything – the mark of a strong recording and well constructed songs.

For a taster, check out the title track:

The indie sound is reminiscent of some of the top UK bands over the last decade. Kasabian comparisons are justified, particularly on the second EP track ‘Big Moustache’ which is led by an epic guitar riff that drives it on.