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Album review: ‘It Is What It Is’ – Songs for Mr Sloane

Available now on iTunes, the new album from Songs For Mr Sloane is certainly one that should at least be sampled by anyone pertaining to be a music fan.

Steered by Peter Dale (vocals, guitars, keys) who has worked with some huge industry names, with the help of bassist Guy Snook, the pair have been able to pull together a motley band of fantastic musicians from different backgrounds.

This blend leads to an album which comes at you from all sides. It doesn’t much matter whether you like, indie, blues, soul, funk, jazz or pop, there will be a track or two in here for you. And in the process of listening through it, you might just find a taste for something new.

In a music industry where bands are pigeonholed to within an inch of their life, Songs for Mr Sloane are a breath of fresh musicalness.