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Jess Thristan records live version of ‘Little Bird’ for Ont’ Sofa

One of the UK’s hottest new singer/songwriters 19 year old Jess Thristan has recorded a breath taking live version of her upcoming new single ‘Little Bird’. The stripped back version of the wonderfully melodic and catchy tune is a masterly piece of music that fuses classic singer/songwriting with contemporary pop sensitivities.

The new single, which is released October 20th, is a follow up to April’s ‘Side By Side’ EP which gained major national radio play and reached number 8 in the iTunes singer/songwriter chart.

‘Little Bird’ shows a progression in the development of Jess as an extremely credible writer and performer. Also recorded at the Ont’ Sofa sessions was Jess’ interpretation of the classic Beatles track ‘From Me To You’. To view ‘From Me To You’ visit the link below.

With ‘Little Bird’ already achieving national radio play on BBC Radio 2 and with a live performance already booked on Clare Balding’s radio show, the single looks certain to further Jess Thristan’s reputation.





‘Side By Side’ EP out now from Jess Thristan

The press notes for this new EP from 18 year old Yorkshire songwriter Jess Thristan paint her as ‘raw’ and ‘classy’, an acoustic artist with real talent. You see a lot of performers these days who claim quality, and I’m pleased to say that – in this case – the press info is correct.

While not as ‘raw’ as some acoustic artists I’ve heard (there is an unmistakably professional sheen to all four tracks – check out this video if you don’t believe me), this is definitely classy stuff.

The lyrics are not the simple, straightforwardly lovelorn words you might expect from someone still two years from 20, but instead pointed – an introduction to a world view beyond her years.

Add to that the switches of style between each song, and this is a strong start from Jess Thristan. The EP is on iTunes now.