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The Kite Collectors – ‘Wonder’ available to stream online

Blending together the best bits of rock music with the accessibility of the pop genre, ‘Wonder’ is the new streaming single made available by Wiltshire trio The Kite Collectors. The track is taken from the recently released album ‘Clockface’ which is available now through Paisley Records.

Beyond the subtle blues opening, ‘Wonder’ turns into a stonker of a track, showcasing a band with real talent. The members of the trio each has their own solid musical background to fall back on, and the experience shows with what is a very catchy and well structures rock/pop song. If the rest of the album follows this pattern, it’s a fine investment for a full 14 tracks.

Strangers Know More single by ‘Shoot the Witness’

A trio of men after our own hearts, Sam Burnett, Chris Ames and Stuart Mizon are three musicians who have been working hard to avoid a ‘proper job’ ever since the late seventies. Having found success with bands such as Department S, Rubella Ballet and Marabou, they have now come together under the banner Strangers Know More.

Their music is brash, fun rock – a million miles from the staid indie you often hear in the charts today. New track ‘Shoot The Witness’ is proof of this, and a strong indication that their upcoming live dates and new music is worth looking out for.

Funk and soul get a pop makeover with Magazine Gap

A lean, mean three piece with a slick sound, Magazine Gap are a pop-rock group with real potential. Their new single ‘What’s That About?’ is out now, mixing a funk-soul feel with an accessible melody or two to great effect.


With an album coming soon, this is a fantastic introduction to a band who could well go a long way in the next few years. It’s also interesting to note that they haven’t been compelled to include a short, basic chorus to gain favour. By keeping it longer and less catchy, it fits nicely with the overall groove rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Let’s just hope that this approach doesn’t prevent them getting the credit they deserve.

‘Two Weeks To The Great Escape’ marks the arrival of rock band Jeremy?

Jeremy? are a four piece rock band from Bulgaria whose new single ‘Two Weeks To The Great Escape’ is out now. Accompanied by the moody black and white video above, the track does a great job of showing why the band are being invited to play all over Europe, including the festival to which the song owes its name.

Working very much in the melodic rock vein, the band make an impact with strong lyrics and full-on rhythms. It all grows from a place of unity, with the band having made it through many highs and lows to come out the other side stronger. Perhaps 2016 will be their year to progress even further.

The Late Yetis mix it up with ‘Blood Driven’ single and new EP

Mixing progressive rock and grunge styles, The Late Yetis are a five piece band from the UK who certainly know how to make an impact. If you don’t believe us, perhaps you should watch the video above once more time..


The single, ‘Blood Driven’, is out now and shows a dark sensibility to a band who aren’t backward in coming forward. And with a new EP coming out at the beginning of March too, now is the perfect time to discover this burgeoning band.

New solo album from John Wheeler of Hayseed Dixie

Having found cult success with underground comedy folk group Hayseed Dixie, John Wheeler has already discovered that his unusual brand of tongue in cheek songwriting has a solid audience. Looking to build on that foundation while exploring his own style, Wheeler has in recent years worked on developing a solo sound away from the band.

His first album showed a confident songwriter who didn’t rely on a narrow folk genre and twisted cover versions to string together a strong collection of tracks (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And with his second solo outing ‘Difficult #2 Album’, Wheeler further explores a newfound love of piano and develops his solo voice further.

The album is out now from all the usual digital outlets, and you can also find John Wheeler on tour in the UK over the next few weeks. If you enjoy roots music with a twisted sense of humour, his is a live show that comes highly recommended.

‘Never Stop Waiting for You’ EP from The Rebel Scientist

A session guitarist who has travelled the world playing music, The Rebel Scientist is clearly a very talented musician. His primary instrument, the guitar, has seen him play in some of the finest venues around the world – including huge arenas and football stadiums alongside the likes of Westlife and Charlotte Church.

It takes a special talent to reach that level, in an industry which is so difficult to be a success in. And now, The Rebel Scientist has transported that talent to the production of his new four song EP.

Each song features a different vocalist, giving each a different feel to the last. Two strands pull it all together however – the quality of the production, and the excellent placement of those moments of guitar where the Rebel Scientist shines.

You can find the ‘Never Stop Waiting For You’ EP at the links below:

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/album/5bKB8ZDxNNv9VY66GGFsql

iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/never-stop-waiting-for-you-ep/id1056907436

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/album/5bKB8ZDxNNv9VY66GGFsql


‘Requiem for Myself’ – Weinf album out now

Influenced by classic songwriters such as Bob Dylan, and marrying those styles with intricate indie-rock guitar lines, Weinf is a songwriter who offers something a little different from the norm. A little to light to be rock, but too heavy to be a classic ‘singer-songwriter’, he instead finds a middle ground musically while lyrically pouring his heart out on new album ‘Requiem for Myself’.

The album happened almost by accident – the result of a writing binge which followed some awful medical news which had the potential to prematurely end Weinf’s life. The result is an album of songs on a very definite theme, questioning life itself, his place in it and various other deep themes that occurred to him during this stretch of time.

And now, having been told that all is well in terms of his health, the timing is perfect to get these songs out there – exploring dark feelings while safe in the knowledge that there is a happy ending coming. It would have been difficult listening were it not for that outcome, but as it is it simply documents an uncertain period with great dexterity.

Self-titled album from Irvine: a real treat

Coming across like a stepchild of Muse and old school (i.e. good) U2, Irvine are a South African band who are already making waves back home.

However, a new challenge awaits having moved to London, and it’s easy to see that challenge having a successful outcome based on the evidence of this debut album.

The single above is an excellent example of their approach, going full pelt at their rock style with the glee of a child who is running too fast for their own legs. It rubs off on you as a listener, carrying youth through the whole album until it’s over all too soon. But you can always listen again.

Buy the album:

UK iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/irvine/id665004407

CD Baby:http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/irvine1

Grit and thunder from new Lowriders album

The Lowriders album cover

From the very first bass note and percussive jangle of opening track ‘Here & Now’ to the final, powerful throes of closing song ‘Be No Love’, The Lowriders are a band who are in assured control of their indie-rock sound.

Seemingly angered by press comments about their home town of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, the band have produced a gritty, memorable debut album in which their sound is laid bare – not showy, not glossy, but substantial.

Like their press release says: “Not bad considering they’re from a town going nowhere with no aspiration!”

http://www.thelowridersmusic.com/Site/Home.html – follow the Lowriders online and get the album now.