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Voodoo Dancer single – ‘Forever Girl’

Apparently inspired by 80s pop legends Spandau Ballet and Blow Monkeys, Voodoo Dancer are a collective from New York who specialise in a lovely smooth blend of soul music and straight up pop. Single ‘Forever Girl’ has been well received, and the track has now been remixed and made club-ready by dance specialist Eric Kupper.

The new mix is out now (iTunes), and builds from a subtle start to an epic, atmospheric tune to which you can imagine many a club-goer throwing their hands in the air like they just don’t care. If you like dance music and appreciate good pop, this is a great intro to Voodoo Dancer.

Francis Groove – Belgian producer releases new single

A well respected musician and producer in his native Belgium, Francis Groove is an artist who is now more than ready to make a splash on a wider stage. His new single – a ‘Groove @ Night remix’ of his track ‘Alright (Take My Hand) – features Tony G on vocal and arrives ready to catapult him into the club scene as a ready made star.

Of course, it’s not as simple as that, but when a song comes along as well produced and ready to go as this, perhaps it should be. The track opens quietly with anachronistic acoustic guitar, before quickly building into thumping pop. It would be easy to slot into club and radio playlists alike, and well worth owning in any pop fan’s collection – grab it from iTunes now.