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Jet Setter – ‘Not Yet’

Jet Setter, a four piece band from Dublin, are an exciting example of the brand new music coming out of the Irish capital. Harmlessnoise.ie recently described them as ‘delivering a new type of music…fresh and unlike any other brand of guitar songs that I’ve heard lately… it simulates all types of tantalizing styles from The Replacements to The Byrds, an unlikely but very smooth blend’. All four Jet Setter boys have been playing and gigging for years with various bands before they decided to form Jet Setter during a late-night party in the R.A.G.E in Dublin.

The idea was to combine their musical influences into a new, invigorating sound, and with Paddy Ormond on lead guitar, Neil Dexter on drums, Jeffrey Courtney on bass and Ross Hamer providing snapshot vocals, the result is original, refreshing and powerful. Jet Setter are getting ready to release a limited edition vinyl double single with Any Other City, who’s  previous releases include the likes of James Vincent McMorrow, Villagers, Squarehead, and most recently Girl Band. Jet Setter will be touring the UK and Ireland in early summer 2014.

For more information on Jet Setter please visit www.facebook.com/thisisjetsetter and www.twitter.com/thisisjetsetter