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‘From the Shallows’ – a new album from Alexander Wolfe

A singer-songwriter who never fails to impress, it gives us great pleasure to let you know that Alexander Wolfe’s new album ‘From the Shallows’ is out now on iTunes and other online stores.

The album, which opens with ‘Trick of the Light’ above, sees Wolfe return to fuller, more rounded arrangements after the pared down acoustic second album ‘Skeletons’.

This rebuild has taken in full orchestrations, from horn sections, strings and more, to lend a depth his music hasn’t felt before. It helps that the light and shade offered by those extra layers is used perfectly, not overly ‘in your face’ but there when it needs to be.

As a third album, this really feels like an artist hitting his stride – this could be the year Alexander Wolfe gets the attention he deserves.

After a year of waiting – NuBorg album ‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’

When was the last time you found a track as darkly captivating as this one?:

This is the title track from a new album by Norwegian songstress Nuborg, and just a taste of the many treats on offer from this 9 track collection.

Released as individual singles over the course of last year, the songs have now been brought together in a full album that is – thanks to the strength of each single – is all killer, no filler.

Much of it is cut from the same cloth as the song above, with oen or two lighter moments too, so we hope you’ll agree this is one independent album that deserves some support. If the above isn’t to your tastes (and if not, why not?), then perhaps the rest of the album isn’t for you.

But for the many of us who will listen to the subtle tones, mixes and melodies of this song and fall for it, there’s plenty more where that came from. The main danger is that the mood might overwhelm on first listen, but that’s a small price to pay for such a great debut.

You can buy the album here:


Josh Healey releases new EP 27th October

Josh Healey is set to release his new EP Lost, Found & Lost Again on the 27th October and is already getting national radio play for it.

The lead track, Sometimes, starts the EP with a very relaxing and laid back feel, the acoustic guitar very subtle in the background with the vocals carrying the song. There is a hint of folk in the song which carrys the song very well, breaking the song up between verses. Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music has already been playing this track which is huge statement to how well written this track is to start off the EP.

A more upbeat track to follow with People Like You, a song to tap your feet to but a very strong message in the lyrics of the song about society today. The song helps the EP along after the lead track to show that Josh can write powerful upbeat music with strong underlining messages and make it work with more soft acoustic songs.

City of Saints has a beautiful finger picked intro that carries the song and shows off Josh’s talent on the acoustic guitar. A simple song of just Josh and his acoustic guitar in very stripped down and raw track. The title track Lost, Found & Lost Again closes the EP perfectly. The intro of acoustic guitar and piano which play throughout give the perfect accompaniment to Josh’s soft vocals in a very heartfelt track to close the EP.

Josh’s beautiful subtle tones have already been compared favourably with the legendary Nick Drake, which can’t be bad!

If you want to listen to the EP you can have a listen on SoundCloud here

The EP Lost, Found & Lost Again is available for pre order now on iTunes here.





TK Lawrence – The independent alternative to your free U2 album

With the furore that’s surrounded Apple’s decision to ‘gift’ all its iTunes users with the new U2 album, there has been a lot of moaning from a lot of people who appear to simply have been given something for free. Sure, U2 isn’t to everyone’s taste, but nobody is forcing anybody to listen to the damn thing….

Anyway, if you do happen to be a fan of U2’s sound (or a rock fan in general), you will find some shared DNA in the music of TK Lawrence and Rosemary Station

This song is taken from the album ‘Last Human’, which is out now, and showcases the US rocker’s Bowie style vocal, which blends really well with the 80’s style rock, naturally.