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Mollie Marriott debut single ‘Transformer’ out now

Not to be confused with the awful robot Transformer movies by Michael Bay, this ‘Transformer’ is the excellent new single from Mollie Marriott. Several grades up in quality from Michael Bay’s cinematic tosh (and quite a lot shorter, thankfully), the single sees this new artist on really good form.

With a career as a vocalist already under her belt, Mollie Marriott has until now been focussed on being the backing singer for many of the UK’s top artists. Mark Knofler, Paul Weller, Ronnie Wood and the Gallagher brothers have all shared the stage with Miss Marriott, which speaks volumes about the level at which she works.

No doubt those lofty heights have allowed her a number of good contacts in the business, and as a result her debut single already has the feel of a polished artist about it. If this is a taste of things to come, Mollie Marriott will be a pop powerhouse of note for years to come.