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‘Calling Card’ title track out from new Magazine Gap EP

With a new EP out next week (25th November), Magazine Gap are a trio with a plan. First, they have established their credentials as a top notch funk-soul band with previous singles ‘What’s That About?’ and ‘Body Language’. And now, with the EP very close on the horizon, they have released the video for the excellent title track ‘Calling Card’.

Carrying on their trend of well written and produced tracks full of verve and energy, ‘Calling Card’ once again shows why Magazine Gap’s decision to ride the funk wagon was a good one. Clearly all experienced musicians in their own right, the three members knit together to form a tight package which really complements their genre. There’s plenty more where this video comes from, and more on the way, so click here to get the full skinny.

Funky FREE DOWNLOAD from Magazine Gap – ‘Body Language’ out now ahead of new EP

Described in their press release as ‘multi-genre rock’, Magazine Gap are a band whose sound is quite specific but at the same time wide ranging. Blending that rock foundation with funk grooves and the accessibility of pop, this is clearly a specific style that the band are aiming for, shared by previous single ‘What’s That About?’ and their latest release ‘Body Language’.

The track is taken from an EP which is likely to further cement this sound and continue in the trend of well-written and well-produced music that’s perfect for dancing. The fact that there’s an EP on the way is good news in itself, but ‘Body Language’ is also available for free from Soundcloud.

Funk and soul get a pop makeover with Magazine Gap

A lean, mean three piece with a slick sound, Magazine Gap are a pop-rock group with real potential. Their new single ‘What’s That About?’ is out now, mixing a funk-soul feel with an accessible melody or two to great effect.


With an album coming soon, this is a fantastic introduction to a band who could well go a long way in the next few years. It’s also interesting to note that they haven’t been compelled to include a short, basic chorus to gain favour. By keeping it longer and less catchy, it fits nicely with the overall groove rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Let’s just hope that this approach doesn’t prevent them getting the credit they deserve.