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Single review – ‘Racket’ by The Brigantes

With an exciting sound and a truly catchy chorus, ‘Racket’ is a new single from upcoming group The Brigantes. Based in Yorkshire and with host of different genres and influences, they’re hoping that the new single and video (available, by the way, as a free download: https://soundcloud.com/thebrigantesband/racket) will see them gain decent word of mouth.

And there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. Transposing the rhythms and beats of reggae to the lightness of the acoustic guitar, there’s something fun and irreverent about this one that keeps it rolling around your head. A strong introduction from the Halifax band.

Free Download: The/Das – ‘Parallel Worlds’

German electronica due The/Das have released single ‘Parallel Worlds’ as a free download in the run up to their album ‘Freezer’, coming later this year.

The Berlin based pair, who have used the new album to experiment with a more spontaneous, organic songwriting approach, will be releasing the album through the Sinnbus label.

You can get the download here: