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Chris Hornsby ready for new EP ‘Human, Too Human’


Chris Hornsby is a folk songwriter who works to write songs which, in his own words, ‘have the smell of leaves and mud about them’. This approach, achieved by recording each instrument with as simple a set up as possible, gives rise to new EP ‘Human, Too Human’ which includes the delightful track above.

Full of this kind of rustic, folky charm, the EP is one of those quiet releases which can really get under your skin. Each track is relatively simple in message, mostly centered around the everyday. But the complexity and subtleties of how they build is something that grows in appreciation with each listen.

See for yourself, when ‘Human, Too Human’ is released on May 22nd.


Introducing: Chris Hornsby

With a debut single out now, Chris Hornsby is a UK based singer songwriter who brings a folky/country style to the acoustic scene. Based in London (but originally from the North East), his debut single ‘I Was Hoping I’d Run Into You’ is a well produced, fun song that has a real cosy feel to it:

Also worth checking out are the b-sides, top quality songs both, which accompany the single.

You can buy the single now from all good online stores, including Amazon and iTunes.