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Organisms ready for release of ‘Mollusk’ album, July 7th

An independent band with an underground mentality, Organisms are a group for whom alternative is more than just a label. Their recent single, ‘Games Non People Play’, is a prime example.

The video is weirdly compelling, grainy and dark, which perfectly matches the feel of the song itself. Built around an almost funk-like groove, this is well produced to sound scuzzy in all the right ways, showcasing the vocal line and a lovely, wavering guitar sound throughout.

It makes for a fiercely uncommercial single release, and is a solid indication that new album ‘Mollusk’ will continue in the same vein. That arrives on July 7th, so keep them peeled if ‘Games Non People Play’ hits your sweet spot.

Nine Beats Collective ready for album release – ‘What Can Love Create?’ single out now

Full of complex ideas, ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’ is a new album from a collective of creatives from around the world. Known as The Nine Beats Collective, the 19th June release will be their first (and possibly only) release, and it’s one that comes highly recommended.

The track above, ‘What Can Love Create?’, is typical of the piece as a whole. Thought provoking and beautiful, it looks at the world through a positive prism, the message being to spread love instead of the hate so often seen in the world.

This was the second single of a mammoth 26 which will be included on the album. You can support the project by checking out the album when it lands in a couple of weeks.

Amanda St John releases new single ‘Grow’

2016 was a true break out year for Northern Irish song writer Amanda St John. A well received live tour and acclaimed album ‘Grow’ saw her become one of the hottest independent artists on the pop scene.

Continuing in that vein, St John has started 2017 with the release of her new single – album title track ‘Glow’.

Beautifully written and crafted to deliver an empowering message of learning from life’s mistakes, the track does an excellent job of delivering on its promise. And with more live dates coming up in 2017 the Amanda St John Juggernaut shows no signs of slowing.

The single and album are available now on iTunes, with tour dates at the Amanda St John website.

Max Restaino pop video for new single ‘No’

A hugely talented multi-instrumentalist who has already worked with the likes of Gary Barlow, Olly Murs and more, Max Restaino is that rare thing – an independent singer-songwriter with a real, solid chance of breaking into the music industry mainstream.

With a sound not dissimilar to the previously mentioned Murs, his is an accessible pop style backed by clear song writing talent and a solid band to back him up. That band have recently been impressing new audiences in support of Rebecca Ferguson’s national tour, and will no doubt have won over plenty of new fans – just in time for new album ‘The Time it Takes’

George Montague – ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’ album out now

As demonstrated by the video above, George Montague is a pop artist who knows his way around an acoustic guitar and a good old fashioned, catchy pop tune. The video above was released recently as a preview to his new album, ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’, which is out now on iTunes.

What the above video doesn’t show you is that there’s a lot more to George Montague than meets the eye. A multi-instrumentalist and composer of the highest standard, his musical skillset is huge, and it all gets poured into the varied and high quality songs that fill his album.

Clocking in at seventeen(!) tracks, this is not an album that in any way leaves the listener short changed – well worth the investment for pop music fans who are looking for a bit of quality.

The Kite Collectors – ‘Wonder’ available to stream online

Blending together the best bits of rock music with the accessibility of the pop genre, ‘Wonder’ is the new streaming single made available by Wiltshire trio The Kite Collectors. The track is taken from the recently released album ‘Clockface’ which is available now through Paisley Records.

Beyond the subtle blues opening, ‘Wonder’ turns into a stonker of a track, showcasing a band with real talent. The members of the trio each has their own solid musical background to fall back on, and the experience shows with what is a very catchy and well structures rock/pop song. If the rest of the album follows this pattern, it’s a fine investment for a full 14 tracks.

Strangers Know More single by ‘Shoot the Witness’

A trio of men after our own hearts, Sam Burnett, Chris Ames and Stuart Mizon are three musicians who have been working hard to avoid a ‘proper job’ ever since the late seventies. Having found success with bands such as Department S, Rubella Ballet and Marabou, they have now come together under the banner Strangers Know More.

Their music is brash, fun rock – a million miles from the staid indie you often hear in the charts today. New track ‘Shoot The Witness’ is proof of this, and a strong indication that their upcoming live dates and new music is worth looking out for.

New solo album from John Wheeler of Hayseed Dixie

Having found cult success with underground comedy folk group Hayseed Dixie, John Wheeler has already discovered that his unusual brand of tongue in cheek songwriting has a solid audience. Looking to build on that foundation while exploring his own style, Wheeler has in recent years worked on developing a solo sound away from the band.

His first album showed a confident songwriter who didn’t rely on a narrow folk genre and twisted cover versions to string together a strong collection of tracks (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And with his second solo outing ‘Difficult #2 Album’, Wheeler further explores a newfound love of piano and develops his solo voice further.

The album is out now from all the usual digital outlets, and you can also find John Wheeler on tour in the UK over the next few weeks. If you enjoy roots music with a twisted sense of humour, his is a live show that comes highly recommended.

Video: Kuschty Rye & Pete Townshend – ‘Chameleon’ (Ronnie Lane tribute)

As a big fan of Ronnie Lane, when Pete Townshend heard that folk singer Des Horsfall was writing a three album collection in tribute to the Small Faces legend he knew he had to get involved.

With the first of the three albums already released, the second, ‘The Bastard’s Tin’, is out early next year. It will be well worth checking out, full of rootsy tales and thoughts on the life and career of Ronnie Lane.

Before that comes the single ‘Chameleon’. Released on December 11th, the track offers Townshend his chance to lend his vocal and songwriting skills to the project. It makes for a unique combination, and a lovely taster for the album to come.

Jess Thristan single – ‘From Me To You’ (Beatles cover song) – Nov 27th

It seems a long time now since Jess Thristan first made an impact with her debut EP, but in truth it’s only been a year or two since this talented songwriter first appeared on the radar.

Since then, her soulful vocal and rootsy pop style has made her a promising commodity, with support from both local and national BBC radio outlets and a string of top releases to her name.

And now, with a debut full length LP on the way, Thristan has released new single ‘From Me To You’. You can hear the track – a Beatles cover – above, and stay on top of all the upcoming album news at http://www.jessthristan.co.uk/