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‘Calling Card’ title track out from new Magazine Gap EP

With a new EP out next week (25th November), Magazine Gap are a trio with a plan. First, they have established their credentials as a top notch funk-soul band with previous singles ‘What’s That About?’ and ‘Body Language’. And now, with the EP very close on the horizon, they have released the video for the excellent title track ‘Calling Card’.

Carrying on their trend of well written and produced tracks full of verve and energy, ‘Calling Card’ once again shows why Magazine Gap’s decision to ride the funk wagon was a good one. Clearly all experienced musicians in their own right, the three members knit together to form a tight package which really complements their genre. There’s plenty more where this video comes from, and more on the way, so click here to get the full skinny.

Double X-Mas joy from Kelly Moneymaker

Bought up with a great love of the great soul vocalists of the Motown era, it’s little surprise that once Kelly Moneymaker discovered she possessed a powerful vocal she pursued a career in music.

Now, having honed her natural talent into a hurricane of a voice, she is stamping her own mark on the genre she grew up on. Her previous work as member of top female vocal group ‘Exposé’ (recently named as one of Billboard Magazine’s Top 10 girl groups of all time) no doubt also helped along the way.

Now going solo, Kelly Moneymaker is celebrating the holiday season with a pair of singles. ‘Home for the Holidays‘ and a unique version of ‘Jingle Bells‘ are both out now, and can be heard below.

Top new album from Kelly Moneymaker – ‘Stone’

Typified by opening track ‘Skippin’ Stones’ (above), the new album from soul vocalist Kelly Moneymaker is a new album packed with vim and vigour.

With the recent rebirth of the funk genre through a pop filter (see Bruno Mars et al.), it’s fantastic to hear an album which dedicates itself to funk and soul music in its purest form. This isn’t filtered through focus groups and layers of mastering to make it into a packaged piece of entertainment – this is raw, old school soul, and brings with it all the energy that implies.

The fact that tracks on this album bring to mind names like Diana Ross, Aretha, Tina Turner and others speaks volumes about the quality on show here. And while we’re on the subject of volume, Moneymaker’s vocals are beltingly good.

Jerry Lawson’s new album, ‘Just A Mortal Man’, out Monday (June 29th)

If you’re not up to speed on Jerry Lawson, then let us help. With over four decades in the music industry already under his belt, Lawson is a vocalist who has earned his place alongside legends such as Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, as founder of vocal group The Persuasions.

Later, he would join with another group, Talk of the Town, to continue his legacy as one of the top voices in the world of soul and Motown. But now, after over twenty albums released as a member of groups, he has made the decision to release his very first solo album.

At the grand age of 71, Jerry Lawson proves with new album ‘Just a Mortal Man’ that, ironically, time doesn’t seem to be holding him back at all. The title track might hint that the mirror may show him the effects of the years, but it certainly hasn’t altered his ability as a performer.

Instead, his voice – which has grown gruffer and warmer as the years have passed – now lends depth and wisdom to a set of fantastic songs on the album. With thirteen songs to enjoy it all, there’s plenty to enjoy here, and it’s more than worth your time to do so.