George Montague – ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’ album out now

As demonstrated by the video above, George Montague is a pop artist who knows his way around an acoustic guitar and a good old fashioned, catchy pop tune. The video above was released recently as a preview to his new album, ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’, which is out now on iTunes.

What the above video doesn’t show you is that there’s a lot more to George Montague than meets the eye. A multi-instrumentalist and composer of the highest standard, his musical skillset is huge, and it all gets poured into the varied and high quality songs that fill his album.

Clocking in at seventeen(!) tracks, this is not an album that in any way leaves the listener short changed – well worth the investment for pop music fans who are looking for a bit of quality.

Double A side single showcases talented songwriter Tom Jarvis

For fans of pop music, the key is often a case of including two of three things – a catchy chorus, intelligent layering and a toe-tapping tempo. Singer-songwriter Tom Jarvis might be in his early days as an artist, but he’s already showing these tropes in spades.

‘Wonder of Time’, the track above, has been released on iTunes as half of a double A side single alongside another track titled ‘Ordinary Lie’, with both tracks showing that the blend of catchiness, production and tempo is all there in abundance.