The Kite Collectors – ‘Wonder’ available to stream online

Blending together the best bits of rock music with the accessibility of the pop genre, ‘Wonder’ is the new streaming single made available by Wiltshire trio The Kite Collectors. The track is taken from the recently released album ‘Clockface’ which is available now through Paisley Records.

Beyond the subtle blues opening, ‘Wonder’ turns into a stonker of a track, showcasing a band with real talent. The members of the trio each has their own solid musical background to fall back on, and the experience shows with what is a very catchy and well structures rock/pop song. If the rest of the album follows this pattern, it’s a fine investment for a full 14 tracks.

Voodoo Dancer single – ‘Forever Girl’

Apparently inspired by 80s pop legends Spandau Ballet and Blow Monkeys, Voodoo Dancer are a collective from New York who specialise in a lovely smooth blend of soul music and straight up pop. Single ‘Forever Girl’ has been well received, and the track has now been remixed and made club-ready by dance specialist Eric Kupper.

The new mix is out now (iTunes), and builds from a subtle start to an epic, atmospheric tune to which you can imagine many a club-goer throwing their hands in the air like they just don’t care. If you like dance music and appreciate good pop, this is a great intro to Voodoo Dancer.