Video: ‘Take Back the Power’ – Naomi

The video above, ‘Take Back the Power’, is the new release from excellent songwriter on the rise Naomi. One of the hottest UK pop acts out there at the moment, it seems she has been around for ages – having previously performed under the name Caleidra. This experience may lend itself to maturity of her vocal and her songwriting – both impressive for an artist at the tender age of 19.

The video itself is a glittering triumph. Eye catching from the start, its dark skylines match perfectly in contrast with the bright, immediate pop sound. It’s a real toe-tapper, and one that will stick in your head from the very first few listens.

Even more exciting, this video is simply an introduction to a larger release, the ‘Take Back the Power’ EP due on April 22nd. For more information on getting your hands on that, head over to Naomi’s website.

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