Funk and soul get a pop makeover with Magazine Gap

A lean, mean three piece with a slick sound, Magazine Gap are a pop-rock group with real potential. Their new single ‘What’s That About?’ is out now, mixing a funk-soul feel with an accessible melody or two to great effect.


With an album coming soon, this is a fantastic introduction to a band who could well go a long way in the next few years. It’s also interesting to note that they haven’t been compelled to include a short, basic chorus to gain favour. By keeping it longer and less catchy, it fits nicely with the overall groove rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Let’s just hope that this approach doesn’t prevent them getting the credit they deserve.

‘Two Weeks To The Great Escape’ marks the arrival of rock band Jeremy?

Jeremy? are a four piece rock band from Bulgaria whose new single ‘Two Weeks To The Great Escape’ is out now. Accompanied by the moody black and white video above, the track does a great job of showing why the band are being invited to play all over Europe, including the festival to which the song owes its name.

Working very much in the melodic rock vein, the band make an impact with strong lyrics and full-on rhythms. It all grows from a place of unity, with the band having made it through many highs and lows to come out the other side stronger. Perhaps 2016 will be their year to progress even further.

‘Voices’ single coming Feb 26th from Patrick McCallion

With a single and an upcoming unplugged UK tour, 2016 is starting quickly for UK songwriter Patrick McCallion. Matching lyrical wit to indie-rock cred, 2015 proved to be a consistent year of progress for the young songwriter and now it looks likely that this year will continue that trend.

For hunters of new music, bookmark his website to keep up to date – there will be more singles and further releases to come this year, and you can catch him on the road soon too.

The Late Yetis mix it up with ‘Blood Driven’ single and new EP

Mixing progressive rock and grunge styles, The Late Yetis are a five piece band from the UK who certainly know how to make an impact. If you don’t believe us, perhaps you should watch the video above once more time..


The single, ‘Blood Driven’, is out now and shows a dark sensibility to a band who aren’t backward in coming forward. And with a new EP coming out at the beginning of March too, now is the perfect time to discover this burgeoning band.