Top new album from Kelly Moneymaker – ‘Stone’

Typified by opening track ‘Skippin’ Stones’ (above), the new album from soul vocalist Kelly Moneymaker is a new album packed with vim and vigour.

With the recent rebirth of the funk genre through a pop filter (see Bruno Mars et al.), it’s fantastic to hear an album which dedicates itself to funk and soul music in its purest form. This isn’t filtered through focus groups and layers of mastering to make it into a packaged piece of entertainment – this is raw, old school soul, and brings with it all the energy that implies.

The fact that tracks on this album bring to mind names like Diana Ross, Aretha, Tina Turner and others speaks volumes about the quality on show here. And while we’re on the subject of volume, Moneymaker’s vocals are beltingly good.

Russell Suereth releases concept album ‘Spiritual Haven’

A new age, atmospheric release which was conceived as a journey for the listener, the new album from Russell Suereth has the most fitting of titles. Not built to appeal to the mainstream, it instead moves head on into spiritual territory. Those with doubts about the genre or beliefs need not apply.

Those who do though will find much to enjoy here. Lilting melodies and soft choruses make for an instrumental, contemplative treat.


Prints Jackson – ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ single out now

As you can tell from the name of this blog, I am a musician who would very much like to make music my occupation on a full time basis. I’m sure that time will come, but in the meantime, I have a special admiration for those who are able to do just that.

Step up and take a bow Prints Jackson.

Having written music for games, film and television, as well recording and producing for other artists, Prints Jackson is already an experienced campaigner when it comes to writing music. And now, his aim is simple. To release a new single every month until the day he dies.

Sounds simple in principle, but there’s no doubt a commitment like that is damn hard work and should be applauded. Which is why you should follow him on his journey:

Free Download from Baron Goodlove – ‘Orpheus’

There aren’t many things better when it comes to new music than when an artist emerges with a killer debut track. Well, in the case of the London singer-songwriter Baron Goodlove, you can consider that box ticked.

Fresh out of the box with a kid of indie-soul blend, Baron Goodlove is leading up to a debut EP which is on the way soon. So, best of all, you can download the single for free.

Take a listen above, and if you like what you’re hearing, head over to Facebook for all the info on how to get the track and what’s next for the band.