Self-titled album from Irvine: a real treat

Coming across like a stepchild of Muse and old school (i.e. good) U2, Irvine are a South African band who are already making waves back home.

However, a new challenge awaits having moved to London, and it’s easy to see that challenge having a successful outcome based on the evidence of this debut album.

The single above is an excellent example of their approach, going full pelt at their rock style with the glee of a child who is running too fast for their own legs. It rubs off on you as a listener, carrying youth through the whole album until it’s over all too soon. But you can always listen again.

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Grit and thunder from new Lowriders album

The Lowriders album cover

From the very first bass note and percussive jangle of opening track ‘Here & Now’ to the final, powerful throes of closing song ‘Be No Love’, The Lowriders are a band who are in assured control of their indie-rock sound.

Seemingly angered by press comments about their home town of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, the band have produced a gritty, memorable debut album in which their sound is laid bare – not showy, not glossy, but substantial.

Like their press release says: “Not bad considering they’re from a town going nowhere with no aspiration!” – follow the Lowriders online and get the album now.

Jake Morley single ‘Ghostess’ out March 23rd

Haunting and heartfelt, the new single from Jake Morley, ‘Ghostess’, is a quiet tour de force which explores that all too familiar post-relationship headspace. Subtly and brilliantly summing up how it feels to constantly find clues reminding you of what’s no longer there, the excellent lyrics are blended with the building, sumptuous production. Roll on the album.

‘So Rewind’ – hot new folk single from Narrow Plains

It only runs to about three and a half minutes, but that’s long enough to know that new folk trio Narrow Plains are not messing about. New single ‘So Rewind’ is sharp, focussed, well executed and (most of all) fun.

It takes skill to create a song that sounds so easy and off the cuff and then craft it into a top recording without sanding off the edges and excitement. That’s what Narrow Plains have done here. With the UK and US currently on the crest of a folk and country wave, the timing couldn’t be better for Narrow Plains.

So, if you’re a fan of all those in vogue singer songwriters and folk groups (as I am), Narrow Plains should have just made your list.