The Griswolds – ‘Mississippi’

Next week sees the UK release of the debut EP from The Griswolds.  Filled of Vampire Weekend-like rhythms and Two Door Cinema Club-sized choruses, if any EP is going to help clear this grey and miserable weather, it’s this one.

Formed in early 2012, the indie-pop mischief makers have been on a mission to show fans that they are the band capable of producing shimmering indie smashes for 2014. The swirling, swoop of harmony driven anthem Mississippi started the fire across social media when it climbed to No12 on the We Are Hunted emerging artists list. Getting out on the road and playing to their new found fans The Griswolds quickly built a strong following across Australia.

Airplay on Triple J added fuel to the fire which in turn led to the recording and release of their debut EP Heart of a Lion. The Griswolds soon got bloggers well and truly bothered as writers at ViceThe Register declared themselves fans. MTV Buzzworthy said of Mississippi “… The vocals soar from reverb-soaked group-shouted proclamations to crisp falsetto, as singer Christopher Whitehall reaches for his lungs’ outer limits…””

BigDee looks to revolutionise music industry with innovative subscription model

Ambitious Italian rock musician BigDee is the unique project of an innovative songwriter, creating a rule bending blend of classic rock and roll and a new model for the music industry.

Influenced by timeless rock music from the USA and the UK, BigDee produces top quality original rock and roll music made in Italy. For just a small taste of his classy, and classic, style, check out his track ‘Susan’:

Full of thumping rhythms and crunching guitars, his is the sound of a rock musician working to create truly inspiring new music that is built to be pulled apart and enjoyed time and again. Challenging himself to consistently write new songs that stand the test of time and quality, BigDee is an artist who is always pushing boundaries.

And it’s not just his music that sets him apart.

BigDee’s innovative distribution model sees him refuse to conform to the release of ‘singles’ and ‘albums’. Instead, fans of his music can subscribe to receive his new music directly with new, original rock songs available every 6-8 weeks. With a one-off subscription of €10, rock music fans can enjoy a lifetime subscription to new music from BigDee. You can subscribe here:

Finding no use for the traditional (read: old) forms of promotion, BigDee instead relies on word of mouth to bring people to his web pages, and encourages people to simply enjoy the music before subscribing forever with a one-off fee.

It’s an approach that is definitely working. With support from radio in Italy and the US, BigDee is now looking to bring his industry expanding ideas to the UK. Check out the websites below, and subscribe to BigDee now – your reward will be regular doses of old fashioned rock and roll.



Official site:

Facebook Page:



Patrick McCallion’s Small Words – Rising Star Makes New Track Available To Fans.

Halifax’s very own Patrick McCallion is celebrating the rebranding of his musical persona by releasing the track ‘Light Entertainment’ to his fans for free.

As the singer/songwriter in the band ‘Small Words’ Patrick has already caught the attention of some key players in the music business, while previous release ‘Murky Waters’ has been causing quite a stir. The rebrand to ‘Patrick McCallion’s Small Words’ has been prompted by opportunities presenting themselves to Patrick McCallion as a writer and singer. Patrick feels that he has gone through too much under the name ‘Small Words’ to just drop the moniker.

New track ‘Light Entertainment’ is a rip roaring energetic commentary on the banality of lives lived out on social media, but ultimately it’s positive message, that you can achieve your goals with a bit of courage, makes this an uplifting ‘message song!’

There is an intelligent message and social conscience running through Patrick’s music, although this shouldn’t put off music lovers who just want to hear catchy guitar infused pop.

With impressive live performances alongside the likes of Primal Scream, Razorlight, The Fratellis and James Morrison and acclaimed releases ‘Murky Waters’, ‘Neat Little Package’ and ‘Nice’ Patrick McCallion is the real deal.

Punchy intelligent lyrics combined with impressive musicianship will surely see Patrick McCallion achieve anything he puts his mind to.

To download the track ‘Light Entertainment’ for free follow this link

See the video for Patrick’s previous release ‘Nice’




“Son Estrella Galicia” announces 10th anniversary London show

Spanish event brand 981Heritage “Son Estrella Galicia” makes a welcome return to the Oval Space in London on July 10th following its 2013 sell-out Bath’s headline show. Celebrating its tenth anniversary and its third London edition, the festival will present electronic band Austra, Montreal duo Blue Hawaii and London popsters Maxixe.

Born back in 2005 at La Coruna (Galicia, Spain) as a modest event, 981Heritage has evolved into one of the most influential music festivals in the Spanish calendar. In these first nine years, 981Heritage went from a single location in Galicia to three: two in Spain (Madrid and La Coruna) and one in London. Its growth didn’t affect its original aesthetic, providing a platform for the most experimental artists to perform to intimate audiences in unique spaces.

To mark its tenth anniversary, Barcelona will be joining the list of locations, whilst the Oval Space prepares for a comeback event of epic proportions – fresh from Coachella, Austra will headline this year’s London edition of the festival. The band will present their new four-track EP ‘Habitat’ live for the first time (set for release via Domino Recordings on June 17th). ‘Habitat’ is the electronic trio’s eagerly awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed  ‘Olympia’ which helped secure the attention of the British public.

Independent On Sunday, 2013 – “Katie Stelmanis’s emotionally tortured vibrato meshes with her band’s lush textures to often-potent effect.”

In support, Grimes-approved girl/boy electronic duo Blue Hawaii will return to London with their blizzard of erratic vocal harmonies and deep house beats. This hypnotic team represent a melancholic-jaded paradise both in sound and visuals – but a paradise nonetheless.

Completing the line-up will be Maxixe, the new project from Micachu & The Shapes drummer Marc Pell and We Have Band singer Darren Bancroft. The violently indefinable London duo released their debut album ‘Ice On The Belly’ last year with stand out track ‘One To Make You Happy’. The recording poetically introduces Bancroft’s wheezy delivery as a staunch match for Pell’s aggressive, caustic synth mastery – one to watch out for during their live set.

981Heritage has gained the reputation of bringing the newest acts in electronic music to the fore, international names that have gone on to define the “new music” of the last decade such as Gilles Peterson, Hudson Mohawke, Nathan Fake, Actress and more have all performed at the Spanish festival since its inception.

The Oval Space in the heart of Bethnal Green is a perfect backdrop for this visually aesthetic line up.

New single from NuBorg, ‘You You’ out now

The newest single in a series of monthly tracks which will result in a full album release in August, ‘You You’ once again sees NuBorg on fine form. The acoustic pop number has a really nice building structure and once again showcases the top vocal of Gunhild Nyborg.

The full album, ‘Sliding Off the Edge of the World’ (the title track was released last month) is shaping up as something special, with the brightness of ‘You You’ mixing with some darker, more melancholic tracks. What they all have in common though are lyrics of depth and a strong, beautiful sound.

You can nab the single here.